Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is our home. The walls are bare because we still have not put any of our pictures up. We still have our free lumpy couches and comically gigantic ottoman, and it looks like Christmas all the time because of the combination of our surprise green wall and red pillows. Despite all of this, we love our new apartment and we feel quite at home.

We are Texans

It was a sad day when we had to trade in our beautiful Delicate Arch Utah plates in exchange for these ugly Texas plates but when your registration expires there is little you can do. 

 We are officially Texans. 
We eat Texas sized portions- like this delicious chocolate glazed Texas doughnut we found at our local Round Rock Doughnut. One zillion calories of doughnut goodness!
We live with Texas creatures.All of these friends like to frequent our back porch. Luckily they have not taken the invitation to come inside...yet.
Yeah this guy is that big and scary looking and despite Blakely's many attempts to destroy his web, he keeps rebuilding his home next to our apt. 

And we follow UT football! We will forever be BYU Cougars fans but it is impossible not to catch the Longhorn spirit around here, even when they are having losing season.
We would gladly share any of these Texas  experiences to those who come visit!