Monday, May 20, 2013

Christyn's Wedding

What a treat it was to spend a week in beautiful Utah for my dearest friend Christyn's wedding. When Christyn moved into my ward when she was 3 years old, we immediately became best friends along with Maren and the three of us were inseparable through high school. Since we graduated and went to different universities and moved all over the country (and world for Christyn) we haven't been close physically the past 7 years, but these girls will always remain my bests.  Maren flew in from Oklahoma and I flew in from Texas and we had the best week being able to spend so much time together as we celebrated beautiful Christyn and her wedding to Stephen Lundquist. We drove around with loud music, stayed up late laughing and chatting on Christyns bed and squeezed in a Jakes Shake run for a Peanutbutter cookie dough shake. It felt high school again. Except for going home to take care of our one year old boys....Almost like high school :)

The week of wedding festivities began Wed evening as I was able to accompany Christyn as she went through the temple for the first time. We attended a live session at the Salt Lake Temple which was a new for me as well and it was such a sweet experience to be able to share this special evening with her. Temple Square was especially gorgeous in full bloom with spring flowers and the whole night was perfect. 
 On Friday, Maren and I hosted a small bachelorette party which included pizza at a darling Italian restaurant and viewing of The Great Gatsby. Of course we gave Christyn her confidence boa and a few other honeymoon essentials. Thanks Maeg for the best tradition. Hope it was put to good use!

We loved getting to know Christyn's darling friends from college, DC internship, and Salt Lake roommates. Left to Right Annie, Lisa, Maren, Christyn, Michelle, me and Julie
The only picture Maren would pose in without being the middle. Only for Christyn :)

On Saturday night, a few days before the actual wedding, Christyns family hosted an wedding open house at the Eccles Art Center in downtown Ogden. I have fond memories of this building since I played in all my piano recitals here under Carol Hurst and it was a perfect venue for a wedding especially since the weather was perfect. I loved being able to run into past high school friends and sweet family friends from my home ward.  

Maren and I with her awesomely adorable little man Leif. I can't believe this was my first time meeting him right before his 1st birthday! 
A rare shot with me and my Dad. I'm so glad I was able to spend so much time with my parents as well this week.

Wedding day was perfection. Christyn had planned every tiny detail and everything went beautifully. She and Stephen were sealed in the Draper Temple and felt so blessed that I was able to witness their sealing along with Maren. Nothing could make me happier than having my friends and family share in the blessing  of a temple marriage. I just wish Blakely could have been there to share the experience as well.

Beautiful bride and a few of her bridesmaids. Wearing matching dresses always makes me feel a little like a little girl at Easter time.

After the temple ceremony there was a wedding dinner at Sea Salt restaurant in Salt Lake City where the whole night revolved around a travel theme. You checked in and received your luggage tag which told you which location you would be seated. Each table was a different city/country that wedding couple had either visited or were going to visit on their honeymoon. At the table was your passport which included a dinner menu for the night. The whole event was done with gorgeous presentation and  execution. I wish I had taken more pictures!

Wedding week also fell over Mother's Day so I got to share the holiday with this wonderful lady for the first time in three years. I love  my sweet mother and her example of selfless service to not only family and friends but the whole community. I love being the mother to this awesome little guy. He brings me more joy than I ever have known.

When I wasn't attending wedding festivities Charlie and I were able to squeeze in some family time with the Ashtons and Craguns. We spent the day in beautiful Eden at my brothers house along with my sister Julie and her family. Charlie loved riding on the scooter and learning to share with his cousin Grant. I love watching these little guys learn how to play with each other. They are going to be such fun friends.

We were also able to take a trip to the park with Maren and her baby Leif. Since Maren and I have shared every stage of our life together, I think these little guys are destined to be best buddies too.

By complete suprise Maren and I ended up being on the same flight from SLC to Houston. Even though we weren't able to sit by each on the plane, we were able to watch each others babies so we could go to the bathroom etc in between flights which was a huge life saver. Yay for small miracles since traveling with a toddler is such a treat.