Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Month

*I have always loved the idea of writing letters to my children every year for their birthday. My friend Janssen took this a step further and wrote a letter to her baby every month for the first year. Because I am not that clever, I am stealing her idea.

Dear Charlie,
The first week we had you at home will forever remain one of my fondest memories. Your Dad was able to take a whole week off work to spend with you and me and we had the most special time. Just the three of us, our own little family. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do except spend quiet moments holding you, singing to you, staring at your perfect features, and marveling at what kind of a little person you would grow up to be.

These quiet moments are often interrupted by your many grunts, and groans. You are the loudest sleeper! Any time you begin to wake up or make the slightest movement in your sleep, your face scrunches up, and you make these low long low grunting noises that sound like you are struggling to lift a 400 pound rock. Its sure hard work being a baby! For the first couple of weeks you slept in a bassinet right next to my bedside. Even though you slept great ( For the first week and a half, I had to wake you up to feed you. You were a little jaundice and the doctor wanted to make sure you were fed every three hours) I was up every few minutes awakened by your grunts or if I hadn't heard you for awhile I was awake to check on you and make sure you were still breathing. Because I leaned over on my side so much, propped up awkwardly on my elbow to check on you, I strained a muscle in my shoulder and arm. I still can't lift my right arm straight up!

You don't have much to complain about. In fact, you seem to dislike crying. As soon as we make any sort of attempt to make you more comfortable when you are crying, you immediately calm down, even it is not the actual solution to your problem. Of course we credit that to our excellent parenting skills :) You love to be cuddled ( as long as your arms are free), have something to suck on, and listen to music.

Everyone says that babies get more and more fun as they get older, but right now I am loving my snugly little newborn.

Love  Always,