Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seven Months

Baby Boy,
I knew you would be moving soon and sure enough the day after you turned six months you started crawling! A stomach dragging, worm-like army crawl with just your arms, but a crawl! Whatever you call it, you have become quite proficient and fly around our little apartment finding all sorts of baby hazards I wasn't aware of like internet cables, extension cords, and wobbly furniture. Dont worry, we haven't had any major disasters with long term damage, but only time will tell :) The first few days you ventured only as far as the kitchen and would stop to slap your hands on the tile but there is nothing holding you back now and you are thrilled to be exploring so much unchartered territory.Your dirty, stretched out shirts serve as my daily reminder of what a bad housekeeper I am. I thought I kept my floors relatively clean but you continually prove me wrong :)

 Since you went straight from rolling to crawling, you kind of skipped sitting up altogether. Why sit still in front of toys when you can move wherever you want?

This was a big month of firsts. Not only did you begin crawling, you experienced your first swim, your first hike (Lake Georgetown), your first camping trip (Lake Georgetown), and your first road trip (7 1/2 hours to Tulsa to meet aunt Maren). Following in your parents footsteps, you remain a big fan of the outdoors. Water, grass, leaves, trees, sun, bugs, you love it all. It is a delight to watch you explore new surroundings.

I guess now would be good time to break the bad news to you. Charlie, you are good at many things but you are not a good sleeper :) Since you were about 4 months old, you have consistently woken up 2-3 times to a night to eat, say hello to mom,  tell us about your nightmare, remind us you have a healthy set of lungs....we are not sure why.  We tried the whole "cry it out" thing but either you are much too stubborn or your Dad and I are too weak to make it work. After a couple of weeks of listening to you scream for hours, we decided to ride it out hoping you were just going on through a phase. Three months later and you are still going through a phase. You have teased us a few times by sleeping though the night but your nightly antics always return. I think you like to remind us who is really in charge around here.

Upon further discussion with your Dad, we decided you're worth keeping around depsite your bad sleeping habits.

Love Always


Easter Morning

Ready for Church Easter Sunday

Someone found his tongue!

Camping at Lake Georgetown

First swim 

When we are too lazy to put swimsuits on