Friday, June 1, 2012

Eight Months

Baby Charlie,

You got your first two teeth! Although your Dad said this isn't anything to be proud of or congratulate since you had nothing to with the natural process of your teeth coming through (except endure many painful sleepy nights), I was excited nonetheless. Now I don't feel as guilty feeding you much of the food from our dinner (which you love!) instead of strictly pureed food most mothers feed gummy babies.

Earlier this month Grandma Ashton and Aunt Christyn came to Texas to visit. You were thrilled to have some new faces around the house to play and sing songs with (not as entirely thrilled to be sleeping in our closet however). One day in response to something funny my mom said you made this hilarious stink face scrunching up your nose and squinting your eyes. We immediately responded with enthusiastic laughter and you haven't stopped making the face since. You will now make the face on demand, mimicking your Dad and I whenever we make the face.

Figuring out your stink face was the mark of a whole new level of social interaction. You are now so anxious to communicate and play with us and love being able to make us laugh. We now spend our days playing hide and seek throughout the house, reading Helen Oxenbury's baby board books hundreds of times(you really will only read books with babies in them), and listening to your endless babbling while you scoot around following me like a puppy dog from room to room.

My favorite time of the day is going to pick you in the morning or after your nap. We recently put your crib bumpers back on, (having taken them off when your first started rolling around in your sleep) and you have found that when you pull down on the bumper you can see when I am coming to get you. I love seeing your little dimply hands pulling down on the fabric and your bright eyes peeking above. Makes me smile every time.

Love Always


Stink face with your favorite books.
Impossible to change your wiggly bum.

First time in the ocean

Still obcessed with propping your feet on on everything

P.S. You got your first taste of the ocean this month when we went to Galveston with some friends for the weekend. You were a big fan.