Monday, January 2, 2012

Three Months

Dearest Baby

You are moving from a little lump into a little man! And as you lose your lumpiness, you are gaining more and more personality every day. We are long past using an alarm clock, but instead we rely on your happy chattering to wake us up every morning. (I'm sure that will be to our detriment one morning) Your Dad and I just lay in bed laughing, listening to you try out new sounds and noises. You are content to lay in your crib for 20+ minutes before we come in get you but the second you see my face, no matter how happy you are, you mean business. You want food immediately. None of this holding off to change your diaper stuff. You want your breakfast and you make sure to let me know!

Besides your daily morning chatter, you don't talk nearly as much as you used to. You are way too curious about your surroundings to be bothered by making noises. You're most definitely a happy baby, but when you are in new places and see new faces it is difficult to get a smile out of you because you are too busy checking out the new territory.

You love all things hands. Your hands or mine. You're not picky, they all taste good. And they taste even better if you can manage to eat both hands at the same time. You also LOVE your pink pacifier. We received a bunch of pacifiers that our friends had gotten for their little girl that they didn't like but there is one in particular that you can't get enough of. Sadly your mom is too cheap to go buy you a similar pacifier in a more boy appropriate color, but I think you are man enough to handle the pink :)

Love Always