Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nine months


You, little boy, are a mover and shaker.  I have heard rumors of babies that will sit and play with a group of toys at their side for long stretches of time but I don't believe them. Since you learned to roll over at 3 1/2 months old, you have been on the move. In fact you skipped sitting up altogether moving straight from rolling to army crawl. Neighbors and friends at church are baffled at the rate you can scoot around in your army crawl and you have become so proficient that I began to doubt if you would ever crawl on your hands and knees.

Turns out all you needed was a good reason. While visiting Schlitterbahn water park with Aunt Ashlee, Aunt Addy, and Daxton you were playing in the kiddie area with your Dad. Soon you realized that it hurt to crawl on your arms on the rough cement so you moved to your hands and knees. The only problem was that you got so excited that you kept crawling deeper and deeper, the water rising over your mouth and head. Clearly you are not to be trusted in the pool.

Not long after, I went to get you out of your crib to discover you standing up leaning over the crib rail ready to jump ship. Of course we lowered your crib that night to prevent a broken head and limbs, but thus began the weeklong Standup Saga. So amused by your recent discovery of pulling yourself up,  you began to wake yourself in the middle of the night to practice!  First I would hear a giggle of delight that you had pulled yourself up again, than cries because you had not figured out how to get back down. I would go into your room to lay you back down to sleep but you would wake your self up again 45 minutes later! This went on for several days before I finally had to teach you your first life lesson. Many hours of tears later, you learned that sometimes you have to learn how to fall down by yourself without Mom's help.

Other Charlie Favorites:
Blueberries- The only food we have to cut you off before you eat yourself sick.
Anything in the bathroom- Yes, especially the toilet. YUCK!
Reading with Dad before bedtime-Only the ten board books you approve of though
Helping mom with the chores -You love to pull out anything I put in the dishwasher and dump out             laundry basket while I fold clothes
The vacuum- off or on, you can't get enough of that thing
Your adorable crossed ankles when you sit in the stroller or your car seat
Your toothy hillbilly smile- one on top and two on bottom
How you say "mama" when your sad and "dada" when you are happy and excited- clearly you have already pegged who is the fun parent and who is the  save you in the middle of the night parent

Loving every minute with you little guy!

Love Always,


Blue eyed beauty

Blackberry Fan boy

Trying to change your wiggly bum. We have to pin you down!

Happy Helper

Little Climber

Practicing your pincer grasp

Splash pad fun with Papa