Monday, January 28, 2013

Elder Cragun Homecoming!

Blakely's brother, Aaron, returned from his mission in Tokyo Japan January 1st. Awesome technology allowed us to be at the airport via Facetime when the family saw him for the first time. The excitement was so think we could feel it through the phone!

We were thrilled that we had the opportunity to fly back for 8 days to attend his homecoming and spend time with both the Ashtons and Craguns.

Aaron gave  a great talk and I was able to accompany Bailey, Addy and Aaron as they sang "Ill find you there my Friend" Aaron even sang a solo in Japanese! What a stud! We enjoyed lunch afterwards at the Craguns with all of the extended family.

We spent a day and night up at Matt and Nikis house (resort) in Eden Utah which truly is a little bit of Heaven on earth. Tommy and Erin's family joined us as well as the healthy half of Julies family. We worked on discovering our inner Katniss practicing on the new archery range Matt has set up in his backyard. Some families get bikes or games for Christmas. Matt's family gets bows and arrows.
After practicing for the next hunger games, we piled on the hockey gear and played a quick game on their frozen pond. We didn't last long before we collapsed of exhaustion. Skating is hard work!
When we were not busy playing the freezing outdoors, we were playing hundreds of games of Mario Chase, the new game on the Wii U. A blast. 

Other trip highlights included:
 Trip to the aquarium with all the Cragun cousins.
Awesome Jazz victory over the Heat
A visit to Scheels, the new mega sports store in Sandy, and a ride on the ferris wheel with Shelby. We were both a little wary of being stuck at the top :)
Lunch at The Garden on the top top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and window shopping at the new City Creek Center.
Charlie loved spending quality time with Grandma.  And carrying that lil snack cup with him EVERYWHERE. He became quite possessive of it which was pretty funny.

And many game nights and snuggle time with cousins and grandparents.
Phoebe and Charlie, the cutest cousins and friends.

This is the face Charlie gives when when we tell him to smile. 

Poor sick snugly Charlie. He had a fever on and off again the first couple of days we were there and then came hold with a nasty cold. Can't say mom or grandma minded the extra snuggles though.