Saturday, September 1, 2012

eleven months

 Little Boy

This month we spent 2 weeks in Utah where you could spend time with cousins, aunts, and grandparents.  Spending time with so many people, your talking exploded! You are now an endless string of babble, screams, yelps, and giggles. It may sound incoherent but your sincere enthusiasm shows that you are clearly trying to communicate. My favorite "word" you use? " Dog, "DA" which refers to all animals. The best part is that you always say it like a question and look up at me as if to say "Am I saying it right Mom?"

Your Cragun grandparents have a little Shih Tzu puppy, Sadie. You were a BIG fan of Sadie but I think she was less enthused. You loved to chase after her, giggling as you went along, while Sadie tried to find new hiding places to escape your chubby little baby hands. During the trip, we visited Hogle Zoo for the first time as well as the Thanksgiving Point Farm where your curiously took in all the animals. You are always such a quiet observer though as if it takes all your energy to soak in your new surroundings.

Although you are a very independent baby and have many little activities you enjoy doing by yourself, you are a snugly little guy. In between playing with your toys and reading your books, you will crawl into my lap where will stay 5 secs before leaving again. A few minutes later you will return for another moments snuggle. Bedtime of course is the snuggliest part of day. You still let us cradle you like a newborn as we sing Primary songs and hymns before you go to bed and you lay there sweetly gazing up at us with pure admiration. (We won't talk about the grouchy nights that you fight us every second until we stop short short of just tossing you bed to sleep off the grumps).

 Sometime in the past few months you have associated my hair with comfort. Whenever you are tired, hungry, hurt or sad you grab onto my hair. If my hair is pulled back into a ponytail or bun you will grab at it until you have pulled a few strands loose. Although I have probably lost a couple hundred hairs in the process, I find it very sweet. Also you only suck your thumb when you are holding onto my hair or your blanket. Hopefully that makes it easy to break the habit later on? We shall see.

Sure love you little man


Other Charlie Favorites:
Swimming In August, we frequent 100+ temps so we take many trips to the pool. You love to splash around in the pool. Its hard to take you though because you would love to crawl around in the baby splash area but you aren't very good about holding up your head so you keep dropping your head into the water dragging along until your choking.
Walker or Anything Else you can push:  You are obsessed with pushing around your walker. You hardly crawl anywhere but use your walker to get everywhere around the house. If your not using your walker you find anything else that you can push along; ie laundry basket, rolling chairs, strollers, to get around.
Finding some of moms hair to hold onto. 


Pushing the laundry basket around.

Skinny little baby belly