Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Months

Darling Baby,

Happy half birthday to my little stomach sleeping(sadly you still wake up a couple of times a night), thumb sucking, rollie pollie! You don't leave your stomach much these days. Trying to change your diaper or get you into your car seat has turned into a daily wrestling match for the second I set you you down you flip your entire body over, ready to roll. Rather than sitting in my lap you would prefer to lie superman style across my knees, arms outstretched and legs kicking. I imagine you will be crawling in no time!

Since you were born, everyone has thought (myself included) you looked exactly like your dad. Its been fun watching other little traits you have picked up from your dad. One of the silliest little quirks is your obsession with fiddling with your feet.  You will roll across the room just you can kick your feet up on the couch, console, table or wall.  Putting your feet up and through the crib slats is your personal favorite. Even when I am leaning over you changing your clothes or playing a game with you, you like to put your feet in the air and wrap your legs around my arm. 

I was beginning to wonder what part of me you inherited. Looks like you cashed in big time and were lucky enough to get my terrible skin. A trip to the doctor tells us you have eczema and are very sensitive to any irritants. We have changed your diapers and detergent and lather you multiple times daily with thick skin cream but we still find you scratching your belly and legs. Itching has become such a habit that whenever you find my skin, you immediately begin scratching that too. So sorry little one! Luckily, besides scratching, it doesn't seem to bother you.

Your current loves: spending time outside, and playing with Dad. At the end of the day when you have become bored of your toys and I have exhausted all my songs and games ( I guess I should probably work on increasing my repertoire of 3) the only fool proof way to put  a smile on your face is take a trip outside.  We sit on the porch where you curiously soak in the scenery and passerbys, waiting anxiously for your Dad to come home. Once Dad is home, there is no separating you two. If I try and take you into another room, you head is constantly whipping back and forth, trying to figure out where Dad is and how you can go play with him. I don't blame you. He's a pretty entertaining guy and I can't wait to see what adventures you two will have together!

Love Always,