Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Five Months

Little Man,
Oh how much fun you are! I thought I knew and loved you when you were teeny tiny but I didn't even know what a hilarious, fun, little boy you would become! You have recently started experimenting with different sounds your voice can make and your current favorites are a fake cough and a wheeze that sounds like you are choking. You look so pleased with yourself at your recent discovery. A few nights ago, we were having dinner with friends when you made your choking sound and Allison immediately jumped in alarm at what might be wrong. We all had a good laugh as you gave her the biggest grin and smirk that said "Tricked you!"

Your current loves include sucking on your toes and your recent discovery of your thumb when you sleep (much to your Dad's dismay. I think its pretty cute :) You have officially become bored of staring at the walls all day long and I am frantically trying to find new toys that can keep you entertained. In a desperate attempt to reach toys out of reach, you developed a mini scoot. You stick your bum in the air bury your face in the ground and manage to slide forward like a slug. Unfortunately you found the mere couple of centimeters you moved not worth the effort and you quit trying after a couple of days.

I love when I get you to smile, you give me a big grin and then turn away in bashful embarrassment. It makes me feel like feel so loved. I hope you know how much I love you!


Mini Scoot in Action