Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Months

Baby Boy,

You kept teasing us with your gassy grins and the adorable half smiles you would give us as you fell asleep, and then you finally SMILED! I think babies can sense when moms need some payment for their many sleepless nights and their smiles come at just the right time :)

One night your dad got home from work late and you were already sleeping. He went into your room to give you a kiss and as he did you woke up. You looked him straight in the eyes gave him the biggest grin and turned over back to sleep. Pretty sure it made your Dad's LIFE!

Not only are you smiling but you are talking. You love to hear the sound of your voice and especially right after you eat, you will carry on for over half an hour. Every night as your dad sings to you, you look up into his eyes and sing along with him. It is my favorite moment of the day.

You are still our little snuggler and you can't seem to fall asleep unless its in our arms. You love being around people so much that you actually nap better if you are out in your swing where you can see me. If you momentarily stir in your sleep, you open your eyes and see you are still a part of the action and you are able to get back to sleep.

Speaking of the swing, you can't get enough of that thing. You don't even need to be moving but you could spend most of your day all snuggled in there. The other day, you discovered yourself in the mirror that hangs above and you were so thrilled by the darling face staring back at you.

Your Dad and I can't seem to get enough of you. You are still such a fun novelty in our house that since we can't seem to get enough of you while you are awake, once we put you to bed we have to get out our computer and camera and browse the thousands of pictures we have already taken of you

Keep being your adorable self Charlie, and you will continue to make me one happy lady.

Love always,