Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ten months

Char Char

After months of nearly exclusively hanging out on your stomach you have finally discovered the convenience of sitting up. You were always too busy to be bothered by sitting in one place but now you realize how much you are better able to play with your toys and you are quite pleased with the discovery.

These days you are infatuated with your books. I always leave a stack of board books in the corner  of your bedroom next to the rocker and you will spend hours spreading them out all over the floor; opening and closing the cover, flipping the pages, pointing at all the faces. Whenever you crawl off on your own, I know you are headed to your room to "read" your books. You also enjoy your books for non literary purposes using them for what I like to call the "book slide".  You put your hand on top of the book in crawling position and slide across the carpet.  I find it quite hilarious especially when your hand slips off to the side and you fall on your face :)

Right behind "Mama" and "Dada" your first word was ball or "BA".  We got you a big rubber blue ball and you love to chase it around the house, pushing it along as you crawl. Your Dad is thrilled that you are now able to play catch with the ball. We are still working on your aim and your technique but we're convinced you have a real future. In the beginning when you were still a little unsteady sitting up on your own, you would pick the ball with your feet and then bring it up to your hands. You continue to use your feet as another set of hands which makes me laugh.

When we put food on your tray you love to swipe everything off as fast you can. You know we will get a reaction from us so you always wait to will have your attention before the swing begins and you laugh. Little stink. Despite your meal time antics you are surprisingly a pretty good eater mainly eating whatever we are having for dinner but your favorites include sweet potatoes, black beans, roasted zuchinni, grapes and bananas. LOTS of bananas.

Other Charlie Favorites
Clenching your right hand while eating: You never relax your hand the entire time your eating and will only pick up food with your left.
Skinny Little Baby Bum:  Still in the 10% for height and weight, there is not a lot of chub to hold onto :)
Cheerios: You have mastered the pincer grasp and are loving being able to feed yourself
Chasing Dad:  Everyday when Dad gets home, he says "Where's my baby boy?" and you crawl around the corner as fast as you can and chase him around the kitchen island. Over and over again.
Crawling All Over Mom: At the end of the day when all else fails to beat the afternoon grumps,  I will lay on the ground and you crawl all over me, poking in the eyes and trying to put your fingers in my mouth, patting my tummy like a drum. It never gets old to you. Not gong to lie, it gets a little old for me :)

The I just woke up from a nap and can't decide if I should laugh or cry face

Clap clap clap!

Nightly routine. You are in bed by seven which means it is definitely still daylight