Monday, October 1, 2012

Twelve Months


Happy first birthday to my sweet, active, curious, little munchkin. It truly has been the greatest thrill of my life to watch you grow up from a tiny newborn into a little boy full of spunk and personality. A year ago you lay snuggled tight in my arms and I could only imagine what kind of little person God had sent me and now I can't imagine my life without your sweet presence.

A boy through and through, you are obsessed with anything with wheels. I don't know how little babies pick up on gender stereotypes, but without any prompting by your Dad and I, you discovered a little lego block with wheels and it has hardly left your hand since. Not long after you discovered this "car" I heard you say "vroom" as you pushed it along. Where do you learn this stuff?!

 You LOVE to be outside but I hate taking you outside because you get so dirty and either your pants get all worn out or your poor knees get all scraped up. Just yesterday, I took you outside and while you were enthusiastically crawling towards the dirt (yay!) your foot got caught on your pant leg and you face planted into the cement, scraping your poor little nose and upper lip. You cried for a moment but were more mad that I tried to keep you in my arms instead of continuing to play. The real tears came when I tried to take you inside.  I can't wait until we can explore outside together walking. No pressure though :)

Since you were such an early roller and crawler I was so certain you would be walking by now, but you still seem pretty content with crawling. Its actually hard to imagine you walking because you are so efficient and FAST at crawling. When you are not crawling, you are permanently attached to your walker flying around corners and navigating around furniture with reckless abandon but impressively managing to stay upright.  Walking on your own has little appeal when you can cruise around the house at high speeds behind your walker. The walker was loaned to us by a friend, continues to be the only toy you play with consistently every day since you were four months old. We may just never be able to give it back!

We had big plans for a combined birthday kickball game with your Dad but sadly we got rained out. We still had a great time moving the party indoors, eating and enjoying company with good friends. Of course I gave you your own cupcake to eat and as everyone anxiously watched, in true Charlie fashion, you threw the cupcake off your high chair. You've never been much for public performing.  Ah well. Happy Birthday anyway little boy!

Love Mama

Other Charlie Favorites: 
Cupboard DiscoveryWhile you are not racing around the house behind your walker or making car noises, you are busily emptying every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen and bathroom. It never gets old. You are especially excited to discover the kitchen aid and all its attachments.
Music: I sing songs with you all day and you like to bob your head along to the beat but you love when your Dad comes home and you two discovers songs on the computer together.
Blanket: You have slept with the same blanket since you were a new born but we don't bring it out of your crib so that it will remind you its bedtime. You have recently discovered how to pull it out of your crib though and you love to sneak in to grab it so you can snuggle on the ground with it. Too cute.

Obsessed with your walker

A friend passed on their old bouncer. You are a little big for it now but we had one afternoon of fun.

A future in modeling I think?

First Spaghetti dinner by yourself. Eating naked of course.

Birthday boys

I'm supposed to eat that?!

First nose scuff

Post nap happy baby