Saturday, October 15, 2011


Despite the absence of updates on our our blog, 2011 was filled with the biggest change Blakely and I have ever experienced. We were privileged to welcome a perfect healthy boy into our lives: Charlie Crawford Cragun born Sept 30th 2011: 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long and super cute!

Blakely and I found out we were pregnant in February. After throwing up for the first time since I was nine years old, Blakely and I both knew I was going through much more than just a "bug". Since I was a teenager my body has never been regular, so we have had many pregnancy scares and I have taken over a dozen pregnancy tests (dollar store variety of course because who wants to spend 8 bucks on a test?) What a thrill to see not one but TWO lines! I can still remember the look of excited panic that filled Blakely's face when I exited the bathroom to reveal the results. We both wanted a baby but neither of us expected we would be blessed with one so soon!

Three pregnancy tests later (2 from the dollar store and one more expensive "reliable" one) I found myself frantically contacting my other pregnant friend for OB/GYN referrals. We were excited, nervous, overwhelmed and thrilled knowing there was a little person growing inside me.

Because Blakely and I are living in Texas and the rest of our family is in Utah, we wanted to come up with a clever way to announce the upcoming addition to our family. With the help of our dear friends the Warnocks, we set up a photo shoot, playfully mocking the common poses of newborn shots, and took pictures posing with a baby doll. We emailed this announcement to our family and close friends with hilarious results. We thought we were pretty clever :)

I was blessed to have what my doctor called the perfect pregnancy. Besides the one incident, I never threw up the rest of my pregnancy. I felt nauseous somedays and extremely exhausted many days, but I never had to miss a day of work. My weight gain and blood pressure remained normal. I was able to remain active and I slept great at night. And somehow I survived the hottest summer on Texas record. We had 90 days of 100 + degree temperatures and 160 days over 90 degrees and hardly a drop of rain but thanks to a hefty electric air conditioning bill and a nice pool in our apt complex I survived.

I can only cross my fingers my future pregnancies will go as smoothly. I will admit though since i was one of 16 women in my ward who had babies this year, it was impossible not to compare the size of my belly.
Five months along in Southern California to celebrate the wedding of our friends Chad and Allie.

Seven months along while I was visiting Utah this summer

Eight months along swimming at Barton Springs in downtown Austin. As mentioned earlier, I got a lot of use out this maternity swimsuit. Many thanks to my dear friend Katie for letting me borrow it.

8 1/2 months along with my dear friend Maren when she came to visit Austin. This was taken just two weeks before Baby Charlie arrived.

As I finish writing this holding my little one month old baby, being pregnant seems like a lifetime ago. I can hardly even remember what it feels like to carry a growing baby around all day or the pains of labor. I guess we are blessed to forget so we are willing to do it again for another :)

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Cami and Juan said...

Super fun update, I feel like I've known you all along, not just a few months. No pictures of Charlie though! Must add pictures asap.