Friday, February 1, 2013

January Happenings

Besides our great Utah trip, Charlie and I spent the rest of the month Sick, Sick, Sick. Charlie came down with a bad cold the last day we were in Utah and carried it back to Texas to share with the rest of us. After a couple of days of catering to a sick whiny baby, I began to lose my patience. I found myself thinking, "I know you're sick but c'mon! Pull yourself together!" I guess I totally asked for it when I got sick a day or two later and felt TERRIBLE! Probably the worst head cold and sinus congestion I have ever had. It knocked me out and we were both a pair of pathetic sickies confined to the couch for days. Blakely managed to escaped unscathed but Charlie and I were not out and about for about 10 days.

We did manage to peel ourselves from our beds and the couch a few times and find a few things to be happy about :)
Daily walks. This kid would spend every second outside if I let him. He gets this excited EVERY time I take him outdoors. 
We love the little path behind our apartment. 
Charlie has mastered the leg cling.
 Always a litte skinny baby, Charlie has started to put on some weight in the past couple of months and has developed the cutest little belly. Love those skinny legs stickin out from that gut.

And of course reading. Charlie is never far from his books. 
His favorite reading spot at the library.
Charlie with his buddy Sienna reading on the couch.

Good thing they make those grocery carts so comfortable to accomodate those sleep customers :) Poor little guy was still not feeling great and good barely keep his eyes open. 

Back in Sept, Blakely set a challenge for his Teachers quorum to read the New Testament by the end of the year. If they completed their reading, their reward was tickets to see the All American High School Football game in San Antonio where the best high school players from across the country gather for a game.  All 8 boys completed the challenge and they had an awesome time enjoying their 8th row seats.

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