Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AMERICA! Independence Day Fun

So I'm still trying to get caught up on summer...

Freedom Days Parade with Blakely's family
In order for us to save a spot, Blakely and I had to make a run at 4:45 AM to put down our blankets and chairs. Anything laid down before 5:00 is taken by the police. People camp out all night to make sure they get the spot we want! Clearly we're not that hardcore.
Ah Utah. I don't think I will see any temple floats in Texas.
Other fun included light saber wars, (Aaron was the universal target)
playing with my cute niece Shelby,
   and my cute nephew Daxton
and enjoying the annual firework show in Uncle Calvin and Aunt Margo's front yard. 
Happy Independence Day!

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