Saturday, September 4, 2010


In June we were able to take a biking trip with some friends in our ward, Jared and Stacie Gibbons.We were able to stay with Stacie's sweet parents in St George and ride a couple of different trails including  Bearclaw Poppy Trail and a trail in Snow Canyon which were both super fun even though the second trail was a tad bit out of my difficulty level. The weather was perfect until it started to downpour the last couple of miles of our second ride but I didn't really mind, it just added to the adventure. Turns out I'm still a big wuss on a bike but I'm getting there. I even go down an occasional hill now and then! :)
These pictures were taken seconds before the downpour began that lasted the last couple miles back to the car.

Blakely and I were worried about what kind of biking we would find in Texas. We already miss the Utah mountains and the many outdoor recreational opportunities they offer, but we were pleasantly surprised by the biking trail we found today. We biked around Lake Georgetown which was beautiful, and surprisingly fun and difficult. Hopefully we can find some more just like it!

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