Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Blessing

We waited for Charlie's baby blessing until he was 4 months old because we wanted Blakely's dad to be able to come if he could . Crawford, Charlie's middle name namesake, was able to come in for the weekend, participate in the Priesthood circle and share this special time with us. Blakely gave a beautiful blessing and it was a wonderful meeting.

Even though we missed having most of our family to celebrate this sweet baby in our lives, we were blessed the have the company of so many great friends. About a dozen of Blakely's coworkers came to support. They are all in the FDP (Financial Development Program) and started Dell at the same as Blakely. After the blessing during sacrament, we returned to our humble little apartment (stripped after being robbed the week prior) for a simple meal of pulled pork sandwiches, salads, fruit, and a few cookies and desserts.

Tom and Scott

Lisa and Laura

Courtney, Ashley, Casey, and Jaclyn
                                                                  Trenton and Jay

We were also blessed to have many of our neighbors and ward friends come over once the church meetings were over.

Allison and Baby Addy, Kasee, and Andrea

James, Bart, Jason, Blakely and Charlie

Stephanie and little Andy

Charlie was such a sweet baby the whole time and performed right on cue for the large audience gathered in his favor. Everyone commented on his good nature and sweet demeanor. Of course he is the best baby :) It was such a wonderful afternoon to celebrate this sweet baby and wonderful spirit he has brought into our lives. We feel so blessed.

Charlie and Grandpa Crawford 
My favorite family photo.

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