Thursday, February 16, 2012

Four Months

Little One,

You really aren't THAT little anymore. 14 pounds, 6 ounces at your last doctor visit; nearly double your birth weight. I'm willing to bet at least of couple of those pounds are found in your cheeks alone. They are the most delicious, round things that I could just eat them up. And I do. You receive lots and lots of kisses and every time I go to plant another big one on your cheek, you turn your little mouth towards me so I get a big, slobbery, open mouth, baby kiss. Nothing better.

You're rolling all around these days. The first time you rolled onto your stomach, you literally beamed with pride. You then spent the rest of the afternoon practicing to do it again. Oh how I beamed with pride to watch your baby determination to roll over again. Now we can't keep you on your back. Sometimes you get stuck on your stomach, forgetting that you can't roll back onto you back, and you bury your face into the ground with frustration. I cant help but laugh at the mess you make for yourself.

We were able to take your first airplane trip to visit all your family in Utah. Grandma and Grandpa Cragun and Grandma Ashton were able to come visit when you were born, but this was the first time all your aunts, uncles and cousins got to meet you. I had fun showing you off to my family and friends but I can't say you were all that thrilled to be away from home. You were awesome the first few days ( Except for the fact that you woke up every hour of the night the whole trip) smiling, showing off all your tricks, but then the lack of routine and poor sleep caught up to you and you let me know you were done. When we arrived home, I put your car seat in the middle of the room while I pulled in the rest of the luggage and you giggled in delight to be back at home. When your Dad came home shortly thereafter, you gave him the greatest welcome home a four month old is capable of. That night you didn't wake up once. Clearly you love your quiet little life.

I love my quiet little life with you too.

Love always,



Cami said...

Oh Charlie, he is such a fun little guy. Those cheeks, they are scrumptious. I bet he just loves rolling around, being able to move freely now.

Stephanie Lee said...

I just love him! He is the sweetest little thing. That bottom picture is so cute!