Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rise and Shout!

The cougars are not out...:(
A couple of weeks ago Blakely and I traveled up to Fort Worth with some other families in our ward to watch the BYU vs TCU game. Sadly, despite fanatical cheers from the thousands of BYU fans that traveled hundreds of miles to see their favorite team, the cougars never did make a showing. The end score was 3-31. Yes that's right, we weren't even able to see a touchdown. Sigh.

James and Allison
 Sewell Family
The weekend was a not a complete loss though. We traveled with our friends James and Allison and were able to spend the night with Blakely's uncle and his family and enjoy a morning basketball game. We explored the Fort Worth water gardens and discovered a corvette car show. The highlight was being introduced to the little Czech Bakery in West, TX which features the most delicious pastries. My favorite, the pumpkin kolache. YUM! We had to make a stop both on the way up and the way down.

Hopefully BYU can pull it together before they play UT Austin next year. We will be there win or lose because thats what Cougars fans do, but at least next year we won't have to travel three hours to see them lose.

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