Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are Thankful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Blakely and I made collages of things we are thankful for. Blakely's kind of turned into an "I like..." collage but don't be offended if you didn't make the cuts.

Moving away from home and starting a new part of our life has given me a new appreciation for many things  as well as reaffirm my gratitude for the many blessings I have in my life. 

I am thankful for:
1.My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and knowledge of eternal families.
2. Blakely, my husband, best friend, teammate, fellow adventurer and love of my life. 
3.My education: Although my degree has not help me get a teaching job....yet, I still am grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained and the once in a lifetime experiences I had attending BYU.  
4. My Kitchen-Aid: All the quality time with myself has given me a lot of time to become more acquainted with the wonderful appliance and we have become good friends.
5. My family, particularly for my nieces and nephews. 
6. My phone: 
7: My Chacos: With the beautiful Texas fall weather, my Chacos have hardly left my feet since we moved here. They take me everywhere.
8. Being a woman:  
9.Utah scenery: Texas is the second biggest state in America but features only endless stretches of flat roads. How spectacular are the many sights of Utah!
10. Ice cream: especially for our recent discovery- Bluebell Ice Cream. YUM! I am forever thankful for the complete happiness this simple dessert can always bring me.
11.Fresh fruits and vegetables: 
12.Good Books: There is nothing better than getting wrapped up in a good book that makes you smile, laugh, and think.
13.Piano and Music: 
14. My bike: When you can rely more on your bike than your car, you know you have a good bike or at that you have an old car. I think its a combination of both but I am thankful for all the places my bike has taken me
15. Our new texas home: including our apartment, our ward, our friends, and our jobs. We are so blessed

Blakely refused to include any description of his "I like..." collage but I am thankful for his participation!


Britton said...

Ha! These are awesome! And Blakely, I'm proud you're growing up to be such a nerd :)

Lover of Music and AVID said...

I just read this and loved it. I am also so thankful for testimony, family, music, my new piano, good transportation and especially, right now, my sweet daughter, Linds! and her good choice in spouses.