Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shamu!..Shamu!.. Shamu!

This post is long overdue but over Labor Day we were able to take a trip to San Antonio with Blakely's uncle, Ormonde, to visit Sea World! The night before, Ormonde's family traveled from Fort Worth and slept in our living room. We pushed back the dining room table, moved our ottoman into the bedroom and inflated multiple air mattresses. While a little snug, we were pleasantly surprised how our little one bedroom apt slept 8 people!
Heidi, Harris, Harley, Lindsey, Reese, Blakely, and Montana

The day was spent watching whales jump, seals bark, and dolphins eat. I couldn't have been more thoroughly entertained and I can't wait to go back again!
The seal is biting his bum. I laughed out loud.
They thought it was funny too.
Shamu!..Shamu!..Shamu! I was singing the song all the way home.
 Anyone who has even taken a jumping picture can attest to how difficult that is.
Feeding the dolphins is insanely overpriced but who can resist the cute dolphin face and sound? They look like they smiling and sound like they are laughing all the time!
I know we are twins. We do that some time. The picture isn't even showing our matching Chacos...Embarrassing

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Stacie and Jared said...

FUN!!! I can hear you laughing and it's making me laugh right now! haha