Thursday, March 14, 2013

Food Saga

In an effort to figure out Blakely's food allergies, we have been eating gluten free and lactose free since the new year. We have long known he is lactose intolerant but we have made better efforts to strictly follow a lactose free diet which means no milk, cream, cheese (whine, whine :( ).  As a new experiment we are cutting out gluten also which means no bread, pasta, cakes, cookies etc (major whine :( ).  Although I get a little depressed thinking about how much we can't eat (mainly no pizza!) I definitely feel better overall as we have made big strides to a more healthy clean eating approach.

Along with eating lots of salad and veggie packed smoothies, right now we are relying heavily on Asian inspired dishes (chicken  rice bowls) and Mexican dishes ( black beans, corn tortilla tacos). I'm slowly widening my recipe arsenal but I just might die if I have to eat another dish with rice.

One of our biggest challenges has been trying to find a treat Blakely can eat. Without cookies, cake, or ice cream, there is little left  for our major sweet tooth besides starbursts and skittles. (Which we have consumed at an alarming rate). Luckily we live in Austin which is mega vegan friendly and we found this awesome little ice cream shop called Lick which specializes in vegan ice cream, made from coconut milk, and offers a wide variety of other unique flavors. We checked it out one Saturday and Blakely enjoyed a scoop of spicy coconut and peanut and coconut, peanut butter chocolate swirl and I had a scoop of lemon poppyseed and sweet cream with strawberries. We will definitely be going back again. Maybe next time I'll even venture to try to the roasted beets and mint or the caramelized carrots and tarragon. Maybe...


I have also ventured into gluten baking. Its a little overwhelming to look at a recipe that has replaced flour with potato flour, rice flour, and xantham gum. Xantham gum? I dont' even know what that is! I have found a few recipes though that use almond flour though that have been pretty successful. Charlie is always eager to help and taste test of course :)

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Meredith said...

Oh, that twins picture is hilarious! Food allergies are the worst, particularly if they cut out all the "good stuff". My sympathies. Good effort Linds!