Thursday, March 14, 2013

That's My Mommas Style

When we first got married, Blakely mentioned he feared ever getting called to serve in the Young Mens program at church. All too familiar with his teenage days, he dreaded having to deal with teenage attitude, laziness, stubbornness, selfishness etc.... Inevitably about a a year ago he was called to serve with the Teachers Quorum (age 14-15) and of course it has far and above been his favorite calling.

 For the past few months they have been working on a music video tribute for their moms. They changed the words of "Gangham Style" to "That's my Mama's Style" and self choreographed the whole video.

After they finished the video they invited their moms to a special dinner where they gave them individual tributes and a rose followed by viewing of the video. I got to tag along as the leading lady in Blakely's life. 
 What a fun night! The moms LOVED it. How often do Moms get to hang out with their teenage sons and watch them let loose. After viewing the video, the moms and sons had the opportunity to make their own Harlem Shake video. 
A current internet you-tube sensation, Harlem Shake videos consist of 15 seconds of one person dancing while everyone else carries on normal, followed by 15 seconds where everyone goes nuts.  You can enjoy our genius dance moves in back as I dance on top of Blakely's shoulders but my favorite is the Mom rocking like a baby on the couch in her sons arms downing a bottle of Sprite. Nailed it.


Cami and Juan said...

These were so much fun to watch! Haha, good times.

Meredith said...

Wow, Blakely, you are definitely a fun young men leader. That was great! So much fun to watch! And I have to say, the boys were pretty awesome.