Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Weekend

For Christmas I bought Blakely tickets to see Brian Regan live in concert in Austin. Two months later, we were finally able to redeem out tickets!

Because we have so many close friends with young babies and other willing neighbors we have rarely had to hire a babysitter. It felt like a true parent rite of passage to call up a teenage girl from the ward, write down a ridiculous number of instructions, and leave her completely in charge our little baby. Not to mention it made me feel OLD! I also felt extremely self conscious about the lack of good food in our pantry. Wasn't that always the highlight of babysitting? Raiding the pantry for fruit snacks and granola bars?

Brian Regan was of course hilarious and we laughed solidly for 2 hours . We were a little bummed though that his act was less story oriented (which we love) and more one liner, punchy like. Ah well, still a fantastic night out. A Merry Christmas present indeed.

Saturday morning I took my cub scouts out plant trees for conservation service project. They were a little wary of the 50 other girl scouts participating :)

When I get back it was perfect running weather and I headed out for a long run. Exactly 5 miles from home, I wiped out and got some nasty road rash. I was able to run the five miles back home but Ouch!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to McKinney Falls State Park with out friends the Trenholms. Blakely and I are always complaining about Texas outdoors but we decided we had never given a good chance so we decided to buy a state parks pass and explore the local state parks. Our first trip was a big success! Although the water was fairly stagnant and the falls were more of a trickle, we loved enjoying the sunny 70 degree day hiking around and wading in the water. We were all reminded how much we LOVE being outside, murky water or not.

 Charlie and Meleah, rock throwing hiking buddies. It is the cutest to watch Charlie throw rocks because he first starts of dropping them behind his head. After a few minutes he gets the hang of it though and manages to throw them a few feet. These two diaper babies would have sat along the bank throwing rocks all day if we let them.

Sunday we enjoyed a Chinese New Year Asian dinner. Egg Rolls, fried rice, brownies, ice cream, and friends. It was the end to a perfect weekend.

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